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Joanna’s Skin Care Salon is commited to providing complete spa services using a balanced combination of nature and science, the purest ingredients, and an ethusiasm for the value of a relaxed mind and healthy body. This service is hospitably provided in a calm environment so you will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!

12 Important Reasons To Choose Sothys Skin Care

  1. Sothys offers a complete treatment and product line for Face, Body, Sun Care and Make-up.
  2. Diversified and high quality formulas based on its active ingredients: Plant Extracts, Plant Oils, Aromatherapy, Vitamin Therapy, Marine Elements, Biotechnology, Encapsulated Delivery Systems.
  3. Periodic launches of new products and new treatments in response to latest technological developments. Average new product/treatment development is two per year.
  4. One of the major professional skin care companies in the world. Found in over eighty countries throughout the world.
  5. Our brand image is recognized on over 57 years of experience in beauty salons and spas, since 1946.
  6. Much more concentrated in formulations than general over-the-counter product lines.
  7. At Sothys in Brive, France, manufacturing and extensive quality control testing takes first place.
  8. The Sothys laboratories in France are indentical to those found in ultra-modern pharmaceutical facilities.
  9. A dedicated team of European pharmacists, chemist and estheticians develop the products.
  10. Products and treatments that answer current consumer demands…anti-aging, hydration, vitamin therapy and sunscreen protection.
  11. A treatment line that offers specialized in-salon facial systems…Institute Treatments.
  12. A professional choice and response to Institute Treatments…Ultimate Hydration, Oxygenating, Anti-Aging, Firming, Sebum Control, Eye Contouring, Intensive Exfoliation.

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